Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I finally caught a CGHub competition before it was too late! This time its an exotic reptile sculpt and texture competition. No high fantasty creatures, just straight up reptiles. It was a hell of a time choosing a scaled beastie but I finally settled on the Andros Rock Iguana. They've got an imposing look with wonderful coloring that was different enough from the Green Iguana that I felt safe picking it. The competition is over mid August, so you'll be seeing updates soon! Inspiration board and first pass below...

On another note, work has got me really enjoying my prop modeling, so why not hit the next step and start working on a full blown enviroment vignette? I've just been waiting for the perfect piece of inspiration and it finally came when I stumbled across Tahra of CGHub. Dang this dude has style! We've got Miyazaki-esque backgrounds full of super vibrant color. He's got this amazing piece dubbed "Penguin Train" that feels so much like an island I lived on as a kid that I couldn't help myself. 

It's perfect for a first enviroment piece. It's small, contained and yet presents a bunch of challenges that I'd never really encounter as a character artist.

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