Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Projects

Hello there!

It's been a very hectic and insane last few months, including various mental breakdowns, moving to a new apartment and various other adventures. Recently started sculpting again, working on a project on a 6 limbed, tree loving creature.

(please excuse the added bits on the side XD)

He's getting very close to getting his clothing and various details, aka barkcloth loincloth, bracers, footwear, something for his tail, a spear (most likely), big plug earings, pecktoral, stuff. Lots of stuff. Expect feathers, insect wings, leather braiding, carved wood, metal bangles, beads. I'm going all out on this guy.

On a different note I'm joining a competition on for their Big Boss Challenge. I'm working up concepts right now but its hard going.

Hope to update soon!