Sunday, November 28, 2010

Modeling for Games final

Modeling for Games final project, almost done on the modeling work. Just going through some tweaks before I begin uving. He's at just over 4k tris (oh the teeth...) He might get updated for a project I'm working on with some others at AAU. Who knows.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Art Dump

So I'm horrible about updating this thing, but seeing as I don't post pictures on Facebook anymore I ought to update more for at least my family's sake. So here we have a massive dump of sketches, WIPs, and other things. After finals pass there will be a few finished pieces as well. Enjoy these guys.

So in order of posting, the model concept for my modeling for games final. He's been allotted a max of 5k tris and one 512x512 diffuse (color) map. I'm very excited about this project. Next is my creature design in progress, he's got some severe texturing work ahead of him as well as posing and texturing. Expect some pretty cool things from him. Next is my organic 1 class work as of this week. I just got some amazing female reference images for the subtle stuff, so the quality is going to make a massive jump. Especially on her face. The next set is self explanatory, animal drawing homework, technical drawings of a friesian stallion in mid gallop. Then last are the compilations of my first two modeling for games assignments. The full room put me in a world of hurt, let me tell you.

There will be more as I come across it/ finish/ start things.

ttyl guys ^.^