Friday, July 1, 2011

Modeling from the past Semester

The first few images are a replication of the El Cid statue that stands in front of The Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. It was a touch ambitious but I hadn't ever sculpted a horse, so I went for it. I'll add more complete renders of it later when I have a chance to pull up this monstrosity in Zbrush. I can't possibly begin the sheer amount of time I spent on this bad boy. As a final goes, this was one of the toughest. Thanks Shon. hahaha

These are from my Organic 2 class with Jon. Much less technically demanding but a time sink nonetheless. He had us do lots of random heads to warm up for the midterm. Mr. Weaving here was very interesting and I plan on cleaning him up at some point.

This was my final and also chewed up a ton of time. The turntable alone took ages and ages. Made me late too as I recall. Naturally I didn't realise how many things I could have streamlined/ect ect until it was far too late. Needless to say this guy has a lot more to go through before I'll consider him done.

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